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Q: How do I get from the airport to the house?
A: Following your booking we will furnish an arrival form asking for airline arrival information for your party from which airport transport arrangements can be made and confirmed by our administrator.  If you will be renting a vehicle or taking a taxi, we will forward driving directions to the house for your convenience.

Q: What should I do about food arrangements on my day of arrival?
A: The arrival form has a section in which you can request stocking needs for anything you would like to have stocked prior to your arrival, and it also asks what prepared food you might wish to have waiting for you when you get to the villa. Most parties prefer a typical Mexican meal, the meal of your choice, Margaritas or other drinks, or hors d’ouevres or appetizers such as guacamole and chips.

Q: How far is the house from the beach? From Puerto Vallarta? From the Airport?

A: The beach is a ten minute walk down the hill or a three minute drive. Downtown Puerto Vallarta is about a twenty minute taxi ride or a twenty-five  minute public bus ride (buses run every fifteen minutes until 11:00 PM). You can call a taxi to pick you up at the house from the taxi stand at the bottom of the hill, or catch a bus from the bottom of the hill to downtown Puerto Vallarta. The airport is thirty-five minutes away by taxi.

Q: Is it easy to get to Puerto Vallarta? How long is the flight?
A: It’s very easy. There are direct flights from many cities including San Francisco (3 1/4 hours), Los Angeles (2 hours) and New York (6 1/2 hours). Flights do tend to book early, though, so try to plan in advance.

Q: Should I rent a car?
A: Taxis and buses are plentiful and the cost of using them quite liberally is normally less than that of renting a car. Feel free to rent a car, though, if you wish; Villa Suzannah has a gated car port space for one vehicle.

Q: Will the staff cook for us?
A: Yes. The chef prepares three meals per day, seven days a week, and you just tell him when you might wish to eat out. You will pay the cost of food, beverages, plus the chef cost of shopping trips (taxi or other). We recommend that you give the chef/ cook $200 – $300 at the beginning of your stay to cover initial purchases, and coordinate from there with the administrator or chef as to future meals and purchases. the chef and administrator keep a detailed list of all expenses and true-up with you daily.

Q: How far in advance should I book?
A: It is best to make reservations at least three months ahead of your arrival date during the high season, but don’t hesitate to email us if your date is closer.

Q: If we do not book all the bedrooms in a villa will someone else (i.e. strangers) be using those bedrooms and sharing the house?
A: No. You are renting the entire villa and you never have to share it with anyone other than those in your party.

Q: Does a weekly rental always start on the same day each week?
A: No, your stay can begin or end on any day of the week.

Q: What is your deposit and cancellation policy?
A: Please click on the Rental Rates page on this website for this information.

Q: How many guests can we have?
A: As many as are stipulated at the time of rental, normally subject to a maximum of eight. If you wish to have additional guests, please contact us to discuss accommodations since this is subject to pre-approval and payment of and additional charge of $50 per person per night. If more people arrive than were agreed upon, we reserve the right to deny occupancy or to charge the $50 per person fee.

Q: Are children welcome in all the rentals?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we bring pets?
A: Only upon pre-approval which requires information about and a picture of the pet.

Q: What about telephone calls?
A: Local calls are free. Long distance calls from Mexico are quite expensive. You should be able to make international calls from your own cell phone provided it is enabled for international calls before you leave, and we recommend that you put your phone in “airplane” mode at all times except when you will be making a call, since roaming charges in Mexico are high. You can also download free apps from Vonage, Skype or other service providers to your cell phone which will enable you to make wireless VOIP calls from Villa Suzannah.  Otherwise, you can purchase a phone card to make long distance calls from the house land line.

Q: What about Laundry?
A: There is a washer and a dryer. Staff will perform basic maid service for your room daily. Towels, sheets and soap are provided. If you ask the maid to do a load of personal laundry, it is customary to tip her three to five dollars depending on the size of the load.

Q: Does the house have a stereo? TV? DVD player? iPad or iPhone hook-ups, Wireless Internet access?
A: Yes.

Q: Are rental rates guaranteed?
A: Your rental rate is guaranteed so long as the initial rent deposit is received in accordance with the rate quoted when you make your reservation, and the rental agreement is signed.

Q: Who should I contact in the event of an emergency?
A: Emergency contact information is provided at the villa.

Q: Do I tip the staff?
A: Yes. It is customary in Mexico to tip the house staff (chef, server, maid). Suggested amounts are included on the Rental Rates page of this website, on the rental agreement form and on the arrival form for your convenience.