Rental Rates (in US Dollars)

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Rental Rates


Jan 1, 2017 – Apr 7, 2017 – $1,250/night

Apr 8, 2017 – Apr 15, 2017 – $1,350/night

Apr 16, 2017 – Apr 30, 2017 – $1,250/night

May 1, 2017 – Oct 31, 2017 – $850/night

Nov 1, 2017 – Nov 17, 2017 – $1,250/night

Nov 18, 2017 – Nov 24, 2017 – $1,350/night

Nov 25, 2017 – Dec 18, 2017 – $1,250/night

Dec 19, 2017 – Dec 25, 2017 – $2,150/night

Dec 26, 2017 – Jan 1, 2017 – $2,150/night (New Year’s)



Notes Regarding Rental Rates:

    • Rates already discounted to include 16% Mexican IVA tax + 2% Lodging tax = 18%
    • Rates include preparation of three meals per day, seven days per week, unlike the rest of PV where it is customary to have two meals per day, six days per week.
    • Rates do not include cost of food or beverages, nor taxi fare when staff needs to make shopping trips
    • Local telephone calls are free of charge. Long distance calls are blocked but can be made through a toll-free access number and a telephone card which you can purchase in Puerto Vallarta.
    • Rates are not guaranteed and can change without notice. Your rental rate is guaranteed only when we receive the agreed-upon rent in our bank account. Villa Suzannah reserves the right to change any rental rates at its discretion.

Payment Schedule:

    • 50% of the rental fee + applicable tax is due within five days of reservation, with the remainder due sixty days prior to the arrival date. In addition there is a fully-refundable security deposit of $500 ($1,000 for events) that is due at the same time as the second rent payment (security deposit not subject to tax). The security deposit is normally refunded with 30 days of your departure.
    • Instructions for payment of rent and security deposits will be send with the rental agreement (mail, wire or direct deposit).
    • We reserve the right to treat any confirmed booking as canceled if the payment schedule is not met. An extension may be requested.

Cancellation and Refunds

    • In the event of a cancellation 60 days or more prior to arrival date after the deposit is received, bookings are refundable if the villa can be rented for the exact same dates that are canceled, at which time you will receive a refund.  If canceled 60 days or less prior to travel date, the total amount paid is non-refundable.
    • All Holiday reservation/booking deposits/payments are non-refundable. This includes Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Easter weeks.  Any refunds shall be limited to funds paid directly to Villa Suzannah’s owners or booking agent/agency.
    • All cancellations shall be submitted in writing and sent to owner or booking agent/agency.  No refunds will be made for unused accommodations or services.  Any deviation from this policy shall be arranged at time of reservation in writing.
    • We recommend the purchase of travel insurance to protect you in the event of cancellation.


    • Number of Guests – It is hereby stipulated that the number of guests is as was represented at the time the reservation was made. The maximum number of guests is eight, unless we make a concession at the time the reservation and an additional fee of $50 per person per night is paid. If more than the agreed-upon number of guests arrive unexpectedly, they will be subject to denial of entry or the additional $50 per guest per night charge depending on the circumstances.
    • Pets are only allowed if they are pre-approved. Approval requires discussion about the pet, a picture of the pet, and the security deposit may be increased at owner’s discretion.

Gratuities (“Propinas”)

    • We take great pride in our staff. While they will never say anything to you about tips, it is customary for staff to receive a gratuity on the day of your departure. While tipping is voluntary, it is an important Mexican custom which supplements staff income based on quality of service.  In addition to the obvious monetary value, tipping means a great deal to the staff in terms of knowing that their services are appreciated. You will receive separate envelopes, one for each staff member, the day before your departure date. You can aggregate tips for all guests (separated by staff member) or tip individually should you wish.
    • Keeping in mind that Villa Suzannah, unlike most PV villas, provides meal service seven days/week instead of the customary six, and three meals/day instead of the customary two. Accordingly, suggested minimum tipping guidelines are as follows (US$):- For parties of six or more: $4+/day/guest to the maid, $7+/day/guest to
      the chef, and $5+/day/guest to a server, or $16/day/guest. So, for a party
      of eight for a week: $16/day x 8 guests x 7 days  = $896 total- For parties of fewer than six:
      .  High Season (November 1 – April 30): 10% of total rent paid, so assuming a
      weekly rental at $1,200/night x 7 nights = $8,400 x 10% = 840.
      .  Low Season (May 1 – October 30): 15% of total rent, so assuming a weekly
      rental at $800/night = $840.
    • Some groups prefer to pitch in for the total at the beginning of the week, leaving the money in one of the safes (one in each room), so it will be ready on departure day. This way they don’t have to think about it or be surprised by the envelopes at the end of the week.
    • Our staff will work hard to make your stay a memorable one.Alternate Accommodations
    • In the event the property becomes unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of Villa Suzannah after a deposit is received, we will have the option of moving the reservation to a like property; if this is unsatisfactory to the guest, we will refund the deposit in full.